The Rainford Band is a Championship Section Brass Band,
based in the village of Rainford, St. Helens. As well as delivering a number of
sell-out concerts each year, the band also competes at
the highest level all across the country.




Since taking up the baton at Rainford in 2013, Gareth has made great
strides with the band, establishing the ensemble as one of the best in the North West.

Born in Wigan, Lancashire, Gareth’s first musical achievements came from playing the euphonium, learning his trade with the Longridge and British Telecom Bands. It was in 2001 he made the move onto baritone, an instrument he excelled on, quickly earning a reputation as one of the finest soloists of his generation. Throughout this illustrious chapter in his playing career he enjoyed great success playing for the Williams Fairey and Black Dyke Bands, whilst also performing as a guest soloist with many other brass bands across the UK.

It is this experience of playing at the highest level, under some of the finest conductors in the world, which drives Gareth’s musical direction of the Rainford Band. Throughout his time leading the band he has cultivated a steady rise through the world rankings, maintaining its reputation as one of the UK’s most exciting and engaging brass bands.

Away from brass bands Gareth works for a classical music company handling well-known record labels such as Naxos, Chandos, Hyperion and Opus Arte.


President - John Walker

Chairman - Geoff Hunter
Secretary - Gill Walker
Treasurer - Steve Harrison
Contest Secretary - Amy Humphreys
Band Manager - Julie Backhouse
Press & Publicity Sec. - Jack Rowlands
Social and Fundraising Sec. - David Grice
Property Manager - Darren Humphreys
Engagement Secretary - Laura Lea

Librarian- Martin Rigby
Instrument Officer- Phil Upton
Child Welfare Officer- Morvern Sinclair
Deputy CWO.- Lynne Campbell

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